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mixi Plugin

In mixi Platform, we set up “mixi OpenStack” composed of function blocks and function used by external services and products. mixi Plugin is the general name of functions are not as API type in mixi OpenStack. The functions provided by mixi Plugin can be used by writing only a couple of lines HTML or JavaScript statements.


Functions provided by mixi Plugin

mixi Plugin provides the easiest and the most convenient way to socialize websites. (The convinient functions to be socialize for your Web site are provided by mixi Plugin.)

mixi Check button


mixi Check button is placed on the web-sites. mixi users can share the page, articles, items and experience with a comment, by clicking the mixi Check button.



SimplePost helps you to post some content to mixi. mixi users can share many content with friends, by putting the SimplePost button based on the URL specification of the page to post the content.