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mixi Page App Guidelines

mixi page app guideline describes the basic rules and management policies for mixi page app providers (subsequently referred to as 'developer') who created applications using the mixi Platform which is a social networking site 'mixi' provided by mixi, Inc. mixi will provide a useful and reliable environment for users through our guidelines. We ask developers to understand and comply with the content of these guidelines along with various terms of use such as the mixi Platform terms and conditions. If we determine a developer doesn't comply with our guidelines, we may remove access to a part or all of the mixi Platform.

What is a mixi page app

The 'mixi page app' (subsequently referred to as 'mixi page app' or ' page app') is an application that adds features to a mixi page that you can install in a provided area of the mixi page. The mixi Connect guidelines apply to the use of the mixi Graph API. If mixi Connect guidelines and other various terms of use conflict with this guideline, this guideline takes priority. (We stopped accepting mixi page app new registrations.)

mixi page apps support the following and are limited to those available in a WEB browser.

  • PC version
  • Smartphone version
  • Mobile version

The developers who can develop mixi page apps are as follows.

  • A registered partner company who is authorized in a manner specified by mixi
  • A registered partner individual who is authorized in a manner specified by mixi
  • Others authorized by mixi

The basic information provision

The developer must disclose page app related information that users (the administrator of the mixi page installing the page app and the users who will view and use it. Hereinafter the same) should be aware of as much as possible in order for users to use the apps securely, and strive to avoid any possible misunderstandings with users.

  1. Publishing a Developer Information
    Please publish accurate developer information such as company name to the mixi page's administrator (subsequently referred to as 'page admin').
    Do not publish false or misleading information about the developer. Please do not misrepresent the nature of the developer's relationship with mixi.
  2. Description of the mixi page app
    • Description of the mixi page app
      Please write a description such as the page app functions and the service for pages admin to understand correctly when installing the page apps.
      The app needs to have a description of its usage to assist page administrator when adding the app.
      If an external site or an external app's data (subsequently referred to as 'external site, etc.') is provided to the mixi page by adding a page app, you need to clearly describe how the data will be used and the source of the data.
      Likewise, please clearly describe how the data will be used and the destination of the data if mixi page information is used on the external site, etc.
    • Description of the page app and externally managed applications
      Please make users understand usage after page app installation. Please provide access to help, etc. in the page app as necessary.
      Externally managed applications are required to have descriptions as well. In that case, the description of usage can be in the externally managed application instead of in the page app.

About project content

For 'published page apps', we ask you to provide value to users along the following concepts and the project contents.

  • Do not make users confused with the mixi service
    You must not provide a page app name, description, message, or feature that suggests the app is an official mixi application or mixi is providing or supporting the page app. Especially, a page app name starting with mixi is prohibited. You can't provide a feature that has no relation with mixi where a mixi feature exists with a similar name.
  • Do not damage the health of the social graph
    Do not damage the health of the social graph by giving incentive to users such as inviting friends and sending friend requests, encouraging the creation of multiple user accounts, creating usage limitations based upon the quantity of friends and encouraging users to increase the number of friends.
  • Do not encourage the violation of user guidelines
    You should not encourage behaviors that are prohibited by mixi terms and conditions, mixi page guidelines, and so on.
  • Communication using mixi page apps
    • Communication target option
      When an app implements a feature where users share or interact with other users, the communication target can't be ambiguous. Make sure users are aware if the post is only to the friends or to all users including those aren't friends (entire mixi), before posting. You must not lead users to believe they are sharing only to friends, but the post is in a view that any user can view.
    • Communicate among only users without page administrator
      When you implement a feature where users interact with other users, please make the users only interact with each other based on content provided by the page administrator.
      Users should not interact with each other on external sites.
  • Japanese language support
    Apps must displayed correctly in Japanese
  • Name of the page app
    You can't use the same name as an already published page app. Names that such are unrelated with the page app's contents and the series of the symbols are prohibited. Changing the name of page app is prohibited as a general rule.
  • Behavior modification by page, by menu
    You can modify the display data and a part of the UI by page and by menu, but please don't change the entire UI, concept, or the value provided to the users.
  • Page app version upgrade
    Although it is possible to upgrade any developed page app, please do not change the page app's concept and the value provided to the users.

UI, Behavior, etc.

The developer needs to meet the following UI, Design, features, etc. for the providing page apps. Here are the main restrictions.

  1. UI, Design, Behavior
    • Please don't create a design that states or implies that the page app is official, supported, or provided by mixi in order to mislead the users.
    • Please don't add behavior that is not clearly a user's intention such as behavior to induce user clicks.
    • Please don't refresh page where that is not the user's intention.
    • Please don't provide a feature to navigate users to another company's service such as a search engine in the page app.
    • Please don't confuse or make the system inoperable for users by having frequent system messages and alerts.
    • Please don't interfere with other page apps or mixi features.
    • Please don't navigate to other pages or to other features without an explicit description to the user.
    • Please don't interfere with the browser's functions such as back and forward.
    • Please don't use flashing expressions on the screen as users feel uncomfortable.
    • (For PC, smartphone) Please don't interfere with the operation or hide the contents of the advertising we provide, or any elements that are outside of the iframe area provided for running the page app.
    • (For PC, smartphone) Although you can use pop-up windows as a supplement, please be sure to display it based upon a user's interaction such as a click. Please don't have mislead the user by intentionally hiding the pop-up windows behind the page.
    • (For PC) Although you can use the flash player full-screen, please provide users a simple to understand method to close it again.
    • (For smartphone) Please don't use the flash player.
    • (PC, smartphone) Please provide functions such as stop and skip for voice, and make it so users can control it at any time.
    • (PC, smartphone) Please make animations and movies start with a user's interaction such as a click. Please provide stop and skip features for users to operate arbitrarily.
    • Please don't provide the features: phone_to, mail_to, and appli_to.
      ※ For smartphone, only iPhone's default built-in the viewer for map app is permitted for use.
    • Communication via a voice call is prohibited.
  2. Behavior
    • The app needs to operate stable and fast enough so that users are not inconvenienced.
    • Be sure to implement error handling. If an error or warning situation occurs, please indicate the matter to the users in a user-friendly method.
  3. Screen area definition, page weight definition
    • PC
      • For application execution
        The maximum width is 520 pixels
    • Smartphone
      • The width and the page weight per page
        The maximum width is 320 pixels. Please keep the page weight within a limit so that users are not inconvenienced.
      • Devices that can switch the display to both vertical and horizontal screens
        Some smartphones can switch vertical and horizontal screen orientation. In that case, please provide a screen that will never be displayed collapsed in each case. If you can't provide this for some reason, please notify users in the app that is noncompliant.
    • Mobile
      • The width and the page weight per page
        The maximum width is 240 pixels, and the maximum page weight is 100KB.

User protection

The developers must actively protect users to enable the use of page apps comfortably and confidently. Especially, protection of youth, management and maintenance of data such as privacy information, and clarification of the relationship with sites outside of mixi must be given special attention. All developed apps should consider the following.

  1. Youth protection
    To protect users, if we judge that an app needs an age limit, we will set the age limit.
  2. Navigation to the external website
    Although it is possible to navigate to external websites from a mixi page app, such navigation is prohibited if it contributes to matters that violate mixi page guidelines.
  3. Prohibition of file download
    Direct file downloads of plug-ins, ringtones with melody and ringtones with song, ringtones with voice, standby displays, and applications from the mixi page apps are prohibited. The following exceptions apply.
    • Pictures and the images obtained via API
    • Pictures and the images the users uploaded
    • Pictures and the images modified in the page app
    • Items we specially allowed
  4. The use of mixi Connect
    When registered as a mixi Page app, you can use all of the mixi Graph API include the API related to the mixi page. When you use the mixi Graph API in the page app, be sure to perform authentication and authorization by the user specifically for the page app. It is prohibited to use the mixi Graph API in the page app with the authentication and the authorization granted by different page apps and services (including external websites that registered in mixi Connect, but not limited to these) that have been registered.

Handling of data

The developers providing the page app are able to obtain the user's profiles and friend's information and mixi page information through our API. Each developer must handle this data strictly with the recognition that this data is the user's information.

  • The data you can obtain
    • Please adhere to the mixi Connect guidelines for handling data obtained through mixi Connect.
    • It is prohibited to obtain the device ID
    • (Smartphone, mobile) It is prohibited to obtain a user's location information.
  • The data the developer can obtain or send from the page app users
    • Although entering comments on page apps and letting users write posts are allowed, entering personal information such are the name, address, phone number, email address, ID, and passwords are prohibited in the page app.
      However, only for those apps, such as fortune-telling or other apps that don't work without obtaining the users name and/or birthday, the user may input the information if the following items are clearly specified. Moreover, it is prohibited to save personal information in this case.
      • The personal information and the data will be managed by the developer, not mixi.
      • The name of the developer obtaining the information
      • The developer's privacy policy
      • The data obtained will not be saved
    • We are not responsible for troubles with users or third parties caused by obtaining or sending data independently from the user, and the developers have all responsibility.
    • The data the developer obtained or was sent directly from users (including, but not limited to Cookies, etc.) will be limited to the extent necessary for users to use the page app. Secondary use of the data is prohibited. However, if you get a separate agreement from the user, you can use it for purposes other than the page app. In that case, clearly specify the following items and you must obtain agreement from the individual user.
      • The name of the developers try to obtain the information
      • What data you are trying to get
      • The purpose and intended use of the obtained data
      • Developer's privacy policies
    • Please delete the data that is no longer needed on a regular basis. When mixi delete the page app or we request you to delete the provided data, please delete all data obtained from the page app promptly.
  • About the data the developer can obtain or send from the user on behalf of the developer to externally managed applications and external sites navigated to from the page apps
    • If you navigate the users to an externally managed application or external site to obtain or send personal information associated with the page app, you need to clearly specify the following items about the navigation destination and must obtain the agreement of the individual users.
      • The personal information data will be managed by the developer, not mixi
      • The developer's name who is trying to obtain the information
      • What data are you trying to get
      • The purpose and use of the obtained data
      • Developer's privacy policies
    • The developer must define the privacy policy to the same degree as mixi and must be handle information properly according to it
    • mixi is not responsible for troubles with the users and the third parties caused by obtaining or sending the data independently from the users, and the developer has all responsibility.
    • To obtain or send unnecessary data from the page app or by association with the page apps is prohibited.
    • Please delete data that is no longer needed on a regular basis. When we delete the page app or we request you to delete the data, please delete all data obtained from the page app promptly.

Commercial activity

Commercial activity includes paid advertising, affiliate and mail order, not limited to those providing a page apps for non-profit-making purposes (including if the users are charged regardless of the purpose).
The developers are able to advertise. We are not responsible for troubles with users or the third parties caused by a commercial act, and the developers have all the responsibility. However the following commercial activities are prohibited.

  1. To charge to the users (regardless of the purpose) on the page apps (include externally managed applications)
  2. Using forms of credit that users can exchange on external sites, etc. (Credit, points, digital item, etc.) in the page apps
  3. Advertising that is not related to the page app
  4. Commercial acts we determines to be inappropriate

Handling of copyrighted work

The developers must not use mixi or a third party's copyrighted work (logo, images, text, etc.) without permission. If you provide a page app that uses copyrighted work, you must always get the permission and go through the procedure from such as the copyright collective organization and the rights holders.

User support

  • The developers must respond appropriately and it is the developer's responsibility to support users and protect users of mixi page apps. mixi is not responsible for it.
  • Please provide a summary of the page app's purpose, basic features, and instructions for users.
  • The contact form may be installed by page administrators who install our page apps and the developers who use the mixi Graph API. The contact policy for user support is left to the developer, please respond appropriately to avoid any troubles. In addition, the developer has all responsibility for any kind of trouble with users and third parties that occur during the user support, mixi is not responsible for that.
  • If you are performing maintenance, please notify the users in advance.
    When users aren't able to use the page app because of maintenance or an error, please always display an apology or an appropriate message, etc.
  • Although the contact information for developers who register is essentially private, we may disclose the developer's contact information to users, etc., when mixi determines it is necessary for trouble with the use of a page app. The developer must consent to this.

Report trouble

If trouble that causes damage or disadvantage to users or mixi occurs by the provided page app, such as the leakage of personal information, discovery of security vulnerabilities, accidental data deletion, or a virus infection, the developer must report the trouble to the users and mixi immediately in accordance with separate specified 'Procedures for a trouble report'.
Procedures for a trouble report

Ending the page app provisions

The followings apply when the developer stops providing a page app.

  • You can end anytime, if the mixi page using the page app you want to end doesn't exist. Even if the mixi page in use is a developer's mixi page, you can end by deleting all page apps from the developer's mixi page.
  • If you can't delete the page app in the mixi page in the 'published page apps' by following the above steps, you will need to apply 45 days before ending the page app from the page app remove request screen.
    In addition, you will need to notify the users 30 days prior to ending the page app.
    ※ To stop being a developer, you will need to end all applications you are providing.
    Page app delete request

Action for violations of this guideline, etc.

mixi will take the following actions if we determine the mixi Platform terms of use or these guidelines for page apps have been violated.

  • mixi will notify the developer about the fact of the violation by email, and then stop the page app.
  • If mixi determines that there is an unavoidable emergency, mixi may immediately remove the page app, cancel app providing authority, delete the user's account, and so on.
  • mixi is not responsible for any damages occurred by the stoppage and removal of page apps, cancelling app providing authority, or during this procedure.

Changes to these guidelines

mixi may add to, delete from, or change these guidelines anytime at any reason upon our discretion. In that case, the developer must follow the new contents of the guidelines after the change.
mixi is not responsible for any damages occurred by any change to these guidelines.

Enacted December 21, 2011

Revised November 27, 2014