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Page app management

Adding new page apps and existing page management is done from the 'Partner Dashboard'. To manage apps, please login to the mixi account you use to develop and select 'mixi page apps'.

mixi page app new registration and existing app management list

By selecting 'mixi page apps' from the Partner Dashboard, you are able to do the following from the menu below.


1. Manage page apps list

Displays all registered page apps.
You can select a specific page app, view each page app's information, and modify it.

mixi page apps management

For each page app you select from the page apps list, you can perform the following.


2. Page app information

Display the page app information for the selected page app.
Each link in page app information menu performs the following operation:


2-a. Page app information

Page app basic information will be displayed.
If the contact email hasn't been confirmed, 'Unconfirmed' will be displayed. If unconfirmed, you will not be able to use the API, not be able to perform a publish request, and so on.

2-b. Credential information verification and Consumer Secret reissue

Please verify the credential information for using the API here.
Credential information won't be displayed until the contact email verification is complete.
When you click 'reissue', the Consumer Secret will be reissued. Please note, after reissue, you will not be able to use to the original.

2-c Status

Displays the each device's publish status and the publish audience

  • About status
    For page apps that have successfully passed through the publish request, the status will be displayed as 'published'. For those that have not passed the publish request, status is displayed as 'in development', and can only be installed on the developer's mixi page, and seen only by the mixi page admin
  • Publish audience
    The publish audience determines which mixi pages are able to install the page app. This must be specified at the time the publish request is made and only those apps which have been approved can be displayed. The publish audience for all devices is the same
2-d. Deleting page apps

This will delete the page app.
You can't delete the app if there are any mixi pages using the page app. To delete these page apps, please refer to the 'page app delete request'.

3. Modify page app settings

Change the page app registration settings.
For registration information, please refer to the 'mixi page apps settings'.
If you change the contact email address, a confirmation mail will be sent to the email address entered. Please follow the contents of the email and visit the confirmation URL. Until confirmed, the email address will remain unchanged.
After successfully passing the publish request process, 'Name' and 'Hidden setting' can not be modified.

4. List of accessing pages

List of mixi pages that have installed the page app.
It will be displayed as a single installation, even if multiple instances of the same page app are installed on a single mixi page.

5. Access permission page list

List of mixi pages that have permission to install the page app.
A page app will only be displayed if the publish request has been approved, and the publish audience isn't 'Available on all mixi pages'.

Page app settings

mixi page app settings detailed description is as follows.

Setting Description
page app name Please enter the page app name.
You can't use names that are already in use for published page apps.
You can't change the name after a publish request has been approved.
Logo Please specify the page app logo.
The logo will be used to identify the page app and is part of the description. For instance, the logo is used when the mixi page admin adds a page app, the page apps ask users for permission, and the accessing page app list.
Please choose a jpeg or GIF (animated GIF is not supported) format image. The size must be less than 8kb.
Auto-reduction makes the picture grainy. We recommend optimizing to 76px x 76px size for PC/mobile/Smartphone.
Icon Please specify the page app icon.
This icon will be displayed in the list of new items (feed) on mixi pages, and it should be easy to understand which page app corresponds to the feed entry.
The size must be less than 2kB. Please choose a jpeg or GIF (animated GIFs are not supported) format image.
Display image size is 16x16px.
Page app description Please input the page app description.
Please make the page application functionality easily understandable for users. It needs to have a description of usage and the mixi page admin must support users.
Redirect URL Please specify where the user should be redirected to after granting authorization to the page app.
It will be the same on all devices.
Contact email address Please specify the email address for users to contact.
Please enter correctly. You will receive a confirmation mail.
URL Please configure the URL which will be loaded first in the page app's iframe area for each device.
You do not need to enter a URL for devices not under development, but please enter at least one.
Hide setting The page admin can choose if the page app will appear to users other than the page app admin. Depending on the page app, there are apps that do not need to be displayed to non-admins. In this case, please select 'lock to not display other than to page app admin'.
This can't change after the publish request.