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Page apps development

Please use the following procedure to set up the environment for mixi page app development.

mixi page apps development

You can develop mixi page apps (Using the API) by using the credential information issued during the mixi page app registration. Please refer to ‘Technical specification’ for development technical details.

mixi page apps planning

Please make sure to check the ‘mixi page apps guideline’ to plan and develop. Page apps that breach the guidelines can’t be published to users.

mixi page apps display ・testing operation

You must prepare a mixi page to install the page apps to display and verify operation while developing mixi page apps.

  1. Prepare a mixi page for development
    Page apps that haven’t passed through the publish request (This will be referred to as an ‘in development page apps’) can only be installed in a mixi page owned by the same mixi account (This will be referred to as the ‘developer account’) you used to register the page app.
    Please create a new mixi page if a mixi page created by a developer account can't open.
  2. mixi page apps installation
    Install the in-development page app on the mixi page you prepared in step ‘1’.
    You can add the developer’s page apps from ‘apps admin’ in the mixi page admin screen.
    (If the registered page app doesn’t show up on the list, the above requirements aren’t met.)
  3. Test Operation as a user
    In-development page apps will only display for the mixi page admin.
    To view and check the operation not as the page app admin, but as a user, add the parameter ‘viewer_mode=1’ to the URL.
    It will display the non-admin page apps.