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Trouble Report Procedure

If trouble that causes damage or disadvantage to users or mixi Inc. (hereinafter, the "Company") occurs by the provided mixi Page App, such as the leakage of personal information, discovery of security vulnerabilities, accidental data deletion or a virus infection, the developer must report the trouble to the users and the Company immediately in accordance with the following procedure.

Trouble Report to Users of the page app

Please notify users with an appropriate trouble report on the page app.

Trouble Report to the Company

  1. Login to 'mixi' from the account providing the app and open 'Page App Trouble Report'. (Japanese)
    ※Please note, we will only accept the mixi account providing the page app.
  2. Please fill out the following report contents in the form.
    • Name of the person responsible
      Please provide the name of the person responsible for the application.
    • Email of the person responsible
      Please provide the email address of the person responsible for the application.
    • Page App ID
      Please confirm with the page app information in Partner Dashboard.
    • Page App Name
      Please write the name of the page app.
    • Progress situation
      Please describe the situation at the time of the report including if the problem persists and whether the restore is completed.
      Example: Modification is complete.
    • Date
      Please describe the following four dates: occurrence, discovery, support (planned), and recovery.
    • Number of users affected
      Please describe the number of users of the page app affected by the trouble.
      Example: 13
    • Trouble content
      Please describe specific details of the trouble.
      Example: Discovered possible leakage of personal information from the externally managed tool of the page app.
    • Cause of the trouble
      Please describe the specific cause of the trouble.
      Example: Administrator's information page for the externally managed tool had a leakage from XSS and the attacker was able to view the password.
    • Effect
      Please describe the effect caused by the trouble that occurred.
      Example: By the leakage of personal information, an attacker other than the administrator of the page was able to impersonate the page administrator.
    • Support
      Please describe the specific details of the support provided
      Example: Modified the program and reissued all administrator IDs and passwords.
    • Measures to prevent recurrence
      Please describe the measures to prevent similar future problems, or the details future measures will employ.
      Example: Introduced a system for overall testing each time the system is changed to prevent a security leakage.
  3. Please fill out and confirm the required information, and send it upon verifying and agreeing to the 'handling of personal information'.'. (Japanese)
  4. Please wait after the submission. Our company will contact you by email.