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About a Setting Image

Type of images you can use

The services/application of mixi Platform can have “logo”, “icon” and “captured image”. Developers can set up them with attending to the following section.

Logo (mixi Connect / mixi Apps)

“Logo” is used for the services/apps description pages, also is used for the services/apps list page.
Developers have to specify the image which reminds features of services/apps.
Because it’s better for users to distinguish relevant services/apps easily.

  • Size is within 500kb, format is JPEG or GIF (Animation-GIF is not supported.).
  • We recommend that it has “100px x 100px (mixi Connect is 76px x 76px)” both PC and mobile. Because the automatic reduction roughens an image.

Icon (mixi Connect / mixi Apps)

“Captured images” are used for Apps description pages. It’s possible to display up to 3 images for the pages.Both PC and Mobile require individual configuration.
Developers should specify the screen shot of Apps so that a user can associate the image with application content.

  • Size is within 500kb, format is JPEG or GIF (Animation-GIF is not supported.).
  • We recommend that it has “150px x 120px” for PC, and “200px x 200px” for Mobile. it is the same reason of “Logo”.

Captured image (mixi Apps)

Up to three screen shot samples can be displayed on the application’s introduction page. Images need to be set accordingly for PC and mobile. Images should be of the application’s run_appli view to allow users to view the content of the application.

  • The image must be less than 500 kB, in either JPEG or GIF format (not compatible to animation GIF).
  • We recommend images to be 150pix x 120 pix for PC and 200 pix x 200 pix for mobile as images will be automatically reduced by mixi.


Uploading may fail if the image file is corrupted(For instance, because of incorrect behavior for some image software).
If uploading is failed , please confirm that the image file is displayed correctly on other software.
Moreover, developers should consider the following cases.

  • A file name is not the half size alphanumeric character
    ⇒Uploading may fail if Japanese or special character is used.
  • There is no extension.
    ⇒Please confirm extension.
  • File format is different from extension.
    ⇒Please confirm correct extension.