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Register and Manage services/products

Partner Dashboard

You can register and manage all services integrating Graph API or plugins on Partner Dashboard.

What you can do is

Adding new services
Changing the registered description
ConsumerSecret re-issuance
Deleting the services

Adding new services

1.Adding new services

  1. Click “mixi Graph API”
  2. Click “Add new services”

2.Registering the new services

Fill out the mandatory field and click "Confirm"

Field Description
Service Name Name of an application or services which use mixi graph APIs
logo You can specify a logo for the services.
The logo specified here is shown when the services authenticate a user and/or the list of the services which a user connects via mixi graph APIs.
More information regarding the image file is available here.
Service Description Please articulate the following in this field.
・What this services is all about
・How the data retrieved through APIs is used for the services
URL In the case the service has URL, such as web application, please specify the URL.
Redirected URL please specify the URL where a user can land after an authentication.
Inquiry email address Designate an email address which a user can send inquires for the services.
When you finished this registration, confirm email will be sent to this address.

In most cases, Redirected URLs are the URLs which developer prepare. However, for desktop
applications, you may use the following URL.

  • http://mixi.jp/connect_authorize_success.html
  • https://mixi.jp/connect_authorize_success.html

When a user authenticated, mixi redirect the user ro either of the foregoing URLs. You can monitor the
event and retrieve the code parameter in the response.

3.Confirmation for the registration

You can confirm the description you have filled out.
In the case you have changed the logo, a name of image file you have specified should be shown on the
page(not the image itself)

4.Registration completed

Once you have completed for the registering the services, confirmation lettershould be sent to the email address.

You should click the URL stated in the email, and you can get credential information for APIs.
Otherwise, you will see 「※未確認」 on the Partner Dashboard.

5.Credential Information

The email address is confirmed and you click the URL described in the email, you can see the Credential
With this Credential Information, you can utilize mixi Graph APIs.

Changing the registered description

5.Select the services

  1. click “mixi Graph API”
  2. pick out the services which you will change the description.

Pick out the services configuration from left side column

2.Changing the Registered Information

Please modify the registered information.


4.Change Completed

In the case the email address has been modified
In the case, the email address has been modified,confirmation email should be sent to the modified email address.
Please follow the direction stated in the email and confirm the modification. Unless
otherwise, previous email address is effective.

ConsumerSecret Re-Issuance

1.Select the services

Pick out the services for re-issuing the credential information.

Click “Re-issue” placed on the credential information column.


Confirmatiion page for re-issuance pops up and click this button. Once the re-issuance is done, you obtain
the renewal Credential Information on the page.

Deleting the Services

1.Select the services

Pick out the services from the list.

2.Delete the Services

Downward the page, there is a button for deleting the services. When you click “Delete”, a confirmation
page pops up. By clicking “Delete” again, the service has been deleted.