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People lookup API

In recent years, gmail and many other email services have appeared and friends and acquaintances are on their contact lists. The spread of smartphones will make the contact lists richer in content. Most of the time, these contact lists include email addresses. It will be possible to use these contact lists by associating the email addresses with a user's mixi profile.

This section describes how to use the People lookup API to obtain the profile information of a user from their email address.

Items required in advance

To use the People lookup API, please have these items prepared beforehand.

  • "r_profile" scope approved access token.

You cannot access the People lookup API using any other approved scope access token. For instructions on how to get the access token, please refer to the corresponding pages in the authorization manual.

Extracting profile information from email address

To extract user profile information from an email address, the client program will access "https://api.mixi-platform.com/2/search/people". The URL will adhere to the following specification:

GET https://api.mixi-platform.com/2/search/people/[Group-ID]?q=[Emails]
Parameter name Value to specify
Group-ID Search target group ID. To search only in friends, specify "@friends". To include more than friends, specify "@all". If not specified, it will be only friends.
Emails Specify email address to be searched by a comma.

The results for users that have registered with the specified email address:

  • For a friend of the user associated with the access token, the user's profile information will be returned.
  • For a non-friend, only the email address from the email parameter specified in the request.
  • If the user is not found or disabled search via settings, it will not be included in the result.

If retrieved successfully, you can get the following result. The following examples are JSON style results.

  "entry" : [
      "id" : "qgjw87yg3djw",
      "displayName" : "bert",
      "thumbnailUrl" : "http://img.mixi.net/img/basic/common/noimage_member180.gif",
      "profileUrl" : "http:///mixi.jp/redirect_friend_api.pl?puid=xxxxxxxxxxxxx&client_id=xxxxxxxx",
      "emails" : [

The information contained in each entry is shown below.

Attribute name Details
id User ID
displayName User nickname
thumbnailUrl URL of the user's profile picture
profileUrl URL of the user's profile page
emails Email address lists

If the user of the search result is not the user's friend, each information entry contains only the email property.

In the email property, only the email address that was included in the email parameter from the request will be shown. If multiple email addresses specified in the request are registered by the same user, multiple email addresses will be shown in the email properties.

For the client program, the fields parameter allows a developer to control which information properties are extracted. If the fields parameter is omitted then all of the properties are included in the results. When properties are separated by a comma in the field parameter, the items need to be set in the query parameter as shown below.

GET https://api.mixi-platform.com/2/search/people?q=[Emails]&fields=thumbnailUrl%2CprofileUrl

If the field parameter is specified, id and displayName will be included in the result.

Paging, format

People lookup API supports paging which is supported in JSON format.