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Groups API

The user can register the classification of friend which is called “Group”, and
the user can specify a public range about various content
to use Group. For example, “colleague”, and “a friend from high school”. Each group has some user ID belonging to it.
In various API, developers can get not only all friend’s content but also limited content to specify a Group.

This section describes how to use Groups API.

What You Need in Advance

You must have got the following information to use Groups API.

  • The access token which was authorized against a “r_profile” scope.

If you use the access token which was authorized in scope except above, you won’t be able to access to Groups API.
Please look at the Certification Authorization Procedure’s page for how to get the access token.

Group List

In order to get a group list which has been registered by a user, the client
accesses “https://api.mixi-platform.com/2/groups”.
The URI has the fllowing speficication.

GET https://api.mixi-platform.com/2/groups/[User-ID]
parameter value
User-ID id for a user to be confirmed or “@me”

You can get only the group of the user who authorized an access token, because the group is a private information for user.
Therefore, you can specify either authorized user’s ID or “@me”.

If successfully acquired, you can get the following result. This is JSON format.

  "entry" : [
      "id" : "@topFriends",
      "title" : "Colleague"
      "id" : "1",
      "title" : "GROUP-59641-001"

The entry object includes the following informations.

property description
id Group ID
title Group Name

Even if the user has not registered any group, “@topFriends” is always contained in the result.


Groups API supports Paging. Only JSON format is supported.