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Pictogram table

Some pictogram codes may be included in each API’s result.
In order to use them in mixi, developers have to use the following pictogram code.
And, when developers post a pictogram, they must use the format of “[m:xx]“.

name docomo au softbank PC code
Fair [m:1]
Cloudy [m:2]
Rain [m:3]
Snow [m:4]
Thunder [m:5]
Typhoon [m:6]
Fog Fog [m:101]
Light rain [m:102]
Aries [m:103]
Taurus [m:104]
Gemini [m:105]
Cancer [m:106]
Leo [m:107]
Virgo [m:108]
Libra [m:109]
Scorpion [m:110]
Sagittarius [m:111]
Capricorn [m:112]
Aquarius [m:113]
Pisces [m:114]
Sport [m:115]
Base ball [m:90]
Golf [m:91]
Tennis [m:92]
Soccer [m:93]
Ski [m:94]
Basket ball [m:95]
Motor sport [m:116]
Pocket bell   [m:117]
Train [m:7]
Subway [m:31]
Bullet train [m:8]
Car (sedan) [m:9]
Car(RV) [m:34]
Bus [m:10]
Ship [m:11]
Airplane [m:12]
House [m:13]
Building [m:14]
Post office [m:15]
Hospital [m:16]
Bank [m:121]
ATM [m:122]
Hotel [m:123]
Convenience store [m:17]
Service station [m:124]
Parking [m:125]
Signal [m:18]
Restroom [m:19]
Restaurant [m:20]
Coffee shop [m:21]
Bar [m:22]
Beer [m:23]
Fast food [m:24]
Boutique [m:25]
Beauty parlor [m:26]
Karaoke [m:27]
Movie [m:28]
Diagonally right-upper [m:126]
Amusement park [m:127]
Music [m:81]
Art [m:128]
Drama [m:129]
Event [m:130]
Ticket [m:131]
Smoking [m:85]
No-smoking [m:132]
Camera [m:133]
Bag [m:82]
Book [m:83]
Ribbon [m:29]
Present [m:30]
Birth day [m:134]
Telephone [m:135]
Mobile phone [m:32]
Memo [m:136]
TV [m:33]
Game [m:34]
CD [m:35]
Heart [m:36]
Spade [m:37]
Diamond [m:38]
Club [m:39]
Eye [m:137]
Ear [m:138]
Hand(rock) [m:40]
Hand(scissors) [m:41]
Hand(paper) [m:42]
Diagonally right-lower [m:139]
Diagonally left-upper [m:140]
Foot [m:141]
Shoes [m:142]
Glasses   [m:143]
Wheelchair [m:144]
New moon [m:145]
Gibbous moon [m:146]
Half moon [m:147]
Crescent moon [m:148]
Full moon [m:149]
Dog [m:43]
Cat [m:44]
Resort [m:11]
Christmas [m:150]
Diagonally left-lower [m:151]
phone to [m:152]
mail to [m:153]
fax to [m:154]
Mail [m:100]
Charge [m:155]
Free pay [m:156]
ID [m:157]
Password [m:84]
Following clause [m:158]
Clear CL [m:159]
Search [m:160]
NEW [m:161]
Location information [m:162]
Free dial [m:163]
Sharp dial [m:164]
question [m:165]
1 [m:166]
2 [m:167]
3 [m:168]
4 [m:169]
5 [m:170]
6 [m:171]
7 [m:172]
8 [m:173]
9 [m:174]
0 [m:175]
Decision [m:45]
Black heart [m:46]
Shake heart [m:47]
Broken heart [m:48]
Some heart [m:49]
Pleasure [m:50]
Petty [m:51]
Disappointment [m:52]
Sadness [m:53]
Tiredness [m:57]
Good [m:62]
Happy [m:72]
Good feeling (hot spring) [m:64]
Cute [m:176]
Kiss mark [m:65]
Shine(new) [m:66]
flashes [m:67]
anger [m:68]
punch [m:69]
bomb [m:70]
mode [m:71]
bad [m:63]
sleepy [m:73]
exclamation [m:74]
exclamation&question !? [m:75]
exclamation×2 !! [m:76]
impact   [m:77]
panic [m:78]
Sweat [m:79]
Dash [m:80]
Major mark1     [m:177]
Major mark2   [m:178]
cCapperboard [m:179]
Sack     [m:180]
Pen [m:181]
Shadow Ω Ω [m:182]
Chair     [m:183]
Night [m:184]
soon     [m:185]
on ON ON [m:186]
end     [m:187]
Clock [m:188]
T-shirt [m:189]
Purse   [m:190]
Make-up [m:191]
Jeans   [m:192]
Snow board   [m:193]
Chapel [m:194]
Door     [m:195]
Dollar-purse [m:97]
PC [m:196]
Love letter [m:197]
Wrench [m:198]
Pencil [m:96]
Crown [m:199]
Ring [m:86]
Hourglass   [m:200]
Cycle [m:201]
Cup [m:202]
Wrist wacth [m:203]
Thinking [m:204]
Rerief [m:205]
Cold sweat1 [m:206]
Cold sweat2 [m:60]
Anger face [m:207]
Space out [m:208]
Heart eye [m:61]
Good! [m:87]
Tongue [m:58]
Wink [m:59]
Happy face [m:209]
Endurance [m:54]
Cat2 [m:210]
Tear-stained face [m:55]
Tear [m:156]
NG NG NG [m:211]
Clip   [m:212]
Copy right [m:213]
Trade mark [m:214]
Runner [m:215]
Confidential [m:216]
Recycling   [m:217]
Registered trademark [m:218]
Warning [m:219]
Prohibition [m:220]
Vacancy [m:221]
Pass [m:222]
Full [m:223]
Arrow (right and left) [m:224]
Arrow(upside and down)   [m:225]
School [m:89]
Wave [m:226]
Mt Fuji [m:227]
Clover [m:228]
Cherry   [m:229]
Tulip [m:230]
Banana   [m:231]
Apple [m:232]
Sprout [m:233]
Maple [m:234]
Cherry blossoms [m:88]
Rice ball [m:98]
Short cake [m:31]
Sake bottol [m:235]
China bowl [m:99]
Bread [m:236]
Snail   [m:237]
Chick [m:238]
Penguin [m:239]
Fish [m:240]
Delicious! [m:241]
tee-hee! [m:242]
House [m:243]
Pig [m:244]
Wine glass [m:245]
Hollow [m:246]

“-”(dash) is non-printable or using other image.