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mixi API SDK for iOS

Now you can develop iOS-native mixi apps. We offer the mixi API SDK for iOS to facilitate development.mixi



The following shows the features of mixi API SDK for iOS

- Individuals and companies can develop applications with ease by simply signing up
- Developers do not need to perform the OAuth 2.0 approval procedures
- The distribution and updating process of tokens is automated
- The API call is executed in a unified manner
- Single sign on is possible, thus eliminating the need for users to input their passwords

Supported terminals

The following shows the iOS terminals supported by the SDK.

- iPhone (iOS4.0 and up) ** 1

** 1 iPad support is undecided

Available APIs

- People API
- Groups API
- People lookup API
- Voice API
- Updates API
- Check API
- Photo API
- Message API
- Diary API
- Check-in API
- Profile Image API

** In general, all available types of Graph API can be used