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mixi API SDK for Android™

mixi provides SDK, which uses the Graph API, to develop Android applications.

By using SDK, developers can avert the OAuth 2.0 authorization process which makes it easier to implement social feature into applications. Currently, the SDK is only available to develop Android applications but the SDK for iphones plans to be rolled out in the near future.


The following shows the features of mixi API SDK for Android™.

  • Individuals and companies can develop applications with ease by simply signing up
  • Developers do not need to perform the OAuth 2.0 approval procedures
  • The distribution and updating process of tokens is automated
  • The API call is executed in a unified manner
  • Single sign on is possible, thus eliminating the need for users to input their passwords
  • Security is strengthened because there is no need to imbed secrets in the application

Supported terminals

The following shows the Android terminals supported by the SDK.

  • Android 2.1 or later
  • Terminals that can use Google Play

Available APIs

  • People API
  • Groups API
  • People lookup API
  • Voice API
  • Updates API
  • Check API
  • Photo API
  • Message API
  • Diary API
  • Check-in API

※In general, all available types of Graph API can be used