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About mixi Graph API

In mixi Platform, we set up “mixi OpenStack” composed of function blocks and function used by external services and products. mixi Graph API is the generic name for functions provided as the API type in the mixi OpenStack.

APIs provided by mixi Graph API

In mixi Graph API, APIs for the social graph and each services are available.

People API

Developers can retrieve a user’s profile registered on mixi and a friend list by using People API. Websites and/or applications can be socialized by exploiting the information.

Groups API

Developers can specify a group where a user belongs to in order to retrieve voice posts list and/or feed list posted only to friends in the specified group (such as “same division, people joined same the tennis circle”) by using Groups API.

People lookup API

People lookup API provides developers a user’s profile when a client program identifiers the user by matching email address sent by the program and one registered in mixi. This API is very powerful in case of some places stored friend’s e-mail addresses, such as a contact list of smart-phones.

Voice API

Voice API provides functions to post the remark and to get the remark list. Of course, developers can create a voice client application.

Updates API

Developers can retrieve a latest feed list of a user itself and friends of the user with Updates API. We expect that many websites can be easily accessible from mixi users to check the latest activities and information.

Check API

Developers can post the mixi Check via this API. If the owner of his/him web site want to post the mixi Check feed implicitly as the result of the user’s action on the web site, this API will be useful.

Photo API

Photos is very important to enjoy the communication between users on mixi. Photo API allows developers to register the photo quickly.

Message API

Users can send a message to a friend on mixi. For one to one communication, Message API allows developers to develop functions like sending a message, retrieving messages the user has.

Diary API

The service which is used mostly in all mixi histories is “Diary”. Developers allow users to post a diary with Diary API from your application.