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Rules for URLs

The developer is able to obtain various URLs through APIs available for a mixi application, and size of an image and/or display can be adjusted by changing a part of the URL obtained following the procedure here:

Notice: the specification for URL may be changed upon prior notice from mixi to the developers.

Profile Page

There are two URLs for the profile page (show_friend.pl) which displays each mixi user’s information: one for PCs and another for mobile phones.

  • For PCs:
  • For mobile phones:

URLs acquired via the Person & Friends API (PROFILE_URL) are for the PCs. The URL for the mobile phones is available by prefixing the domain in the PC URL with “m”.

Profile Image

User’s profile images are available in three sizes on mixi: 180×180, 76×76, and 40×40.

  • 180×180:
  • 76×76:
  • 40×40:

The image size acquired through the Person & Friends API (THUMBNAIL_URL) is 76 × 76. Images of different sizes can be obtained by dropping “s” or adding “m” in the URL immediately after {id3}.

The ratio of height and width of each size may vary, e.g., 160 × 180. “180”, “76”or “40” means the maximum height and width, respectively.

Also, please be aware that the host name may be changed.

Image of “NO IMAGE” URL

If a user did not upload an image, the image of “NO IMAGE” is shown on his/her profile page in mixi. Three different sizes for this image are also available.

  • 180×180:
  • 76×76:
  • 40×40:

The image size of the URL acquired through the Person & Friends API (THUMBNAIL_URL) is 76 × 76. Different sizes for the “NO IMAGE” image can be obtained by using the respective URL above.