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Procedure for migrating mixi app APIs to the new user ID system

Curently, you can use only numbers for user IDs. We plan to change the user ID specification so that alphanumeric characters (13 digits) can be used.

After the migration to the new system, APIs will not operate with the number-only system (henceforth called "old system").

Once you migrate to the new system, you cannot return to the old system. Please be sure to migrate to the new system as soon as possible.

Terms and Conditions of use

You must agree to the "API ID change terms and conditions" before creating a new ID.

Instructions on changing to the new API ID

We have included instructions on changing to the new API ID below.

Using the new API ID

Open the edit_appli.pl page to change the settings for the mixi Application using the new API ID.

https://sap.mixi.jp/edit_appli.pl?id=【Apps ID】

At the "ID conversion API" item on the app configuration modification page, press the "Use the ID conversion API" button.

You must agree with the terms of use to use the ID conversion API. Press the "Agree and register" button.

The completion screen appears.

After the registration, the "platformUserId" field is added to the Person & Friends API. The field contains the user ID for the new system.

  "entry" : {
      "nickname":"Mixi development center",
      "displayName":"ミMixi development center" },

For the details of the Person & Friends API, see the following documents.

» RESTful API specifications

For the conditions for obtaining user IDs for the new system, see the following document.

» Information that can be obtained