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(1) An HTTP request is sent from a mobile phone to mixi server.

(2) An HTTP request is sent from mixi server to a SAP server.
This request is made with GET if the request in (1) was a GET request, and with POST if it was a POST request.
Information such as application ID, user ID, and user agent of a mobile device is passed to the SAP server.

(3) Accessing mixi App Mobile APIs
mixi App Mobile APIs enable the SAP to retrieve and utilize mixi social data within a mixi App Mobile.
Signature based on OAuth is required for this access to the APIs.

(4) API data response
mixi social data is retrievable in XML or JSON format.

(5) HTML file response
The SAP must send HTML to be browsed on a user’s mobile phone on as-is base to mixi server.

(6) Such HTML is sent to the user’s mobile phone.