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Available APIs

Through APIs, information including user profile and Friend information are available for a mixi App Mobile. Each API is compatible with the OpenSocial RESTful API.

* In order to develop or provide mixi Apps for mobile, prior registration of Certified Partner is necessary.
Please see “Overview on mixi Platform Usage Registration” for details.

Among others, the following APIs are major APIs which are currently available:

Person & Friends API
For retrieving user profile and Friend information.

Activity API
For publishing feed that shows a user’s activity to Friends.

Persistence API
For storing user’s data on mixi server in key-value format.

Albums API
For obtaining information on an album created by a user and photos stored in the album.

mixi Proprietary APIs

Invite API
For inviting Friends who have not used a specific mixi App

Location API
For obtaining location of a user who uses a mixi App Mobile based on GPS or a triangulation from wireless carrier’s base stations.

Message API
For sending a message from a user in a mixi App Mobile

Classmate API
For retrieving school information registered by a user.


OpenSocial Restful Protocol v0.8.1