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mixi Payment Program Guidelines

Click here for guidelines prior to April 12, 2011

General Description

  • The mixi Payment Program (hereinafter, the "Program") is a payment service provided by mixi, Inc., (hereinafter, "us") for Social Application Providers (corporate or individual users who have agreed to the mixi Platform Terms of Service) to bill mixi users (hereinafter, "Users") information fees (fees set for digital content on and inside apps) for mixi apps (hereinafter, "Apps") or digital content inside Apps.
  • This Program provides Social Application Providers with the mixi points payment service.
  • The "mixi points payment" is a payment method to purchase apps or digital content inside apps by using mixi points held by Users; Users acquire mixi points in advance through mobile phone billing features, credit cards, WebMoney, or Google Checkout.
Platform User Payment Method
PC Credit card
Mobile phone carrier payment
Smartphone docomo sp-mode payment( for docomo only)
au simple payment(for au only)
Credit card
Android App Credit card
Google Checkout
Mobil phone Mobile phone carrier payment
WebMoney(NTT DOCOMO only)

mixi Payment Program Flow Chart (mixi Points Payment)


  • Social Application Providers need to be corporations (registered as partners and certified through our specified procedures) to use this Program.
  • Objects billable through this Program are limited to apps and their additional features, digital content usable only inside apps and not downloadable (textual information, sounds, music, images, video images and software) or non-cashable virtual currencies exchangeable with such digital content (hereinafter collectively, the "Billable").

Application-to-Payment Process

This Program roughly consists of the following steps

① Application

  • You may apply only for adding the billing feature to apps released already or to be released in the future; you will need to apply for category posting to release any app not released at the time of the application (Apply for the Program using the unreleased app to start billing upon release; we will send you information on the application for category posting at the same time).
  • You will need to report to us for another prior program review on any significant change from the program review at the time of the application in the general description, viewing sequence, general description of the billable or price range of any app already used on this Program or any addition or change to the payment method.

② Document Download

  • Download and check the following documents on the Program admin page:
    • One (1) set of mixi Payment Program application forms
    • mixi Payment Program Terms of Service
    • mixi Payment Program Guidelines (this document)
    • Privacy policy

③ Mailing mixi Payment Program Applications

  • Mail the mixi Payment Program application (hereinafter, "Application") to the mixi Executive Office after filling it in with specified information and affixing your seal to it.
  • You only need to mail the first-time application; contact us separately for any change to the application details.

④ Emailing mixi Payment Program Plan Application/Information Sheet

  • Prepare the app to be used before emailing a mixi Payment Plan Application/Information Sheet (hereinafter, "Plan Application/Information Sheet").
    • Released App:
      Prepare an app for development and testing (hereinafter, "App for Testing") in addition to the released app (hereinafter, the "App").
    • App for Future Release:
      Prepare an App for future release (hereinafter, "App for Release").
  • Fill in the Plan Application/Information Sheet with a general description of the billable App; filling in the plan with the following information:
    • Information on the company/representative
    • General description of the App
    • General description and price range of the Billable
    • Attach any descriptive file on the App separately
  • Email the complete information to mpp_info@mixi.co.jp
  • Payment companies including credit card companies may use your Plan Application/Information Sheet for billing review purposes.
  • You will need a Plan Application/Information Sheet to apply for each App used for the Program.

⑤ Plan Review

  • The mixi Executive Office will review the plans according to our specified criteria and based on the received Plan Applications/Information sheets.
  • The mixi Executive Office will contact the Social Application Providers by email for review results as soon as the reviews have been completed and the applications (first time only) have been checked.
  • In the event of disapproval, correct and email the plan again as appropriate for another review (not necessary to return the application).

⑥ App Development

  • After successful plan review, develop apps on the apps according to the plan application details.
    • Released Apps:
      Develop Apps on the Apps for Testing.
    • Apps for Release:
      Develop Apps on the Released Apps.

⑦ Testing

  • Apply for testing any completed App.
    • Apply for category posting to release any App for Release; we will send you information separately, including details of application procedures.
  • Download the "Testing Application" from the Program admin page, fill in and email it to the mixi Executive Office.
  • In addition to the information above, email the following information with a file (apk file) attached to be uploaded if you provide any App for Android Version:
    Address: contact-mixiapps@mixi.jp
    Title: [Native App Version mpp Testing File Application] App Title/SAP Title
    Content: apk file to be uploaded (Specify downloading destination/method if information including attached file exceeds 10 MB)
  • After receiving the Testing Applications, we will conduct billing tests on the Apps for Testing or Apps for Release.

⑧ Service Start

  • We will report any problem by email to you for correction.
  • We will send you information on starting the service if the test results are good.
    • Released Apps (PC, smartphone, mobile phone):
      After the arrival of the information on starting the service, mount on the App the billing feature developed on the App for Testing.
    • Apps for Release (PC, smartphone, mobile phone):
      Upon arrival of information on starting the service, the Apps for Release will have been released and available for billing.
    • Android App Version:
      After the arrival of information on starting the service, upload the Apps to the Android Market.
  • After the service has started, you will be able to check the estimated amount of payment on the admin page.

⑨ Payment

Program App Review Criteria

Apps to be used on this Program must meet the following criteria:
① Compliance with the mixi Platform Terms of Service, mixi App Guidelines, etc.;
② Containing descriptions of the Billable;
③ Indicating the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions and appropriate private policies;
④ Compliance with Random Sales Non-free Contents Rules, any of the Billable is subject to such rules;
⑤ The Billable appropriately available;
⑥ No past violations against terms of service for services provided by us, including the Guidelines and mixi Payment Terms of Service.


We may discontinue the Program service for Social Application Providers who fall under the following conditions:
① Not making the Billable normally available;
② Using the Program for purposes other than billing for the Billable;
③ Allowing Users to do billing for unintended purposes;
④ Address false and misleading representations;
⑤ Rendering disservice to Users;
⑥ Having violated terms of service for services provided by us, including the Guidelines and mixi Payment Program Terms of Service;
⑦ Making significant changes to App general descriptions and page transitions or details and payment methods of the Billable;
⑧ Using the Program for apps other than the apps that have passed the plan reviews;
⑨ Other conditions we deem inappropriate.

Settings for Information Fees/Spending Points

  • Information fees are payable only by Users for each event, not automatically on a regular basis as with monthly fees
  • Spending points for mixi Points Payment may be set on a point-by-point basis at ten (10) points to one thousand (1,000) points.

Amount of Payments and Handling Fees

* We will refund part of Program service handling fees for apps at average DAU and billing ratios higher than normal for one refer to mixi Payment Program Special Fee Rates for details.

  • No fees are required for registration with the Program; registration is free.
  • The amount of information fees (yen) to be paid by Users for the Billable using mixi points through the mixi Points Payment will be one point zero five (1.05) times the points.
  • The amount to be paid to Social Application Providers will be the amount of information fees less ten percent (10%) payment handling fees, multiplied by eighty percent (80%).

mixi Payment Program Payment Scheme (mixi Points Payment)


mixi Payment Program Payment Scheme (mixi Points Payment)

mixi Payment Program Payment Scheme (mixi Points Payment)

Cancellation Process

Within Payment Month

  • Users may cancel each transaction on the Program admin page; cancelled transactions will not be included in the payment amount; points used for any transaction cancelled will be returned to the User.

More than One (1) Month after Payment Month

  • You may not cancel any transaction for any reason more than one (1) month after the payment month.

Measures against Guideline Violations

  • We may take measures (including total suspension of access to this Program and elimination of rights to future participation) we deem appropriate against any User deemed in breach of the mixi Payment Program Terms of Service or provisions stipulated herein, or we may delete the User account itself under circumstances deemed unavoidably urgent.
  • We will not be liable for any damage from the measures taken above, nor will we pay any information fee generated for the month.

Program Discontinuation/Cancellation

  • Those who wish to discontinue individual billing may delete the link to the billing feature.
  • Those who wish to cancel this Program may contact us by email at mpp_info@mixi.co.jp

Guideline Changes

  • We may, at our discretion, make additions and changes to or deletions from the Guidelines at any time for any reason.
  • In this case, Social Application Providers shall comply with the changed details of the Guidelines.
  • We shall assume no responsibility for damage from such changes.

Effective, November 5, 2009
Revised, January 28, 2010
Revised, May 17, 2010
Revised, June 1, 2010
Revised, September 10, 2010
Revised, October 19, 2010
Revised, November 1, 2010
Revised, April 13, 2011
Revised, April 28, 2011
Revised, June 9, 2011
Revised, July 6, 2011