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Operation Rules for Support Community

Terms of use for mixi shall apply to the support community and a SAP furthermore shall comply with the rules set forth herein.


A SAP may set up and operate a support community for the purpose of supporting users who use a mixi App developed by itself. Such support community may be set up for each App or a SAP can provide a support community for up to 4 mixi Apps.

The purpose of operating a support community is limited to the following:

  • Debugging and/or performance verification
  • Retrieving user’s feedback
  • Providing event information
  • Announcement from a SAP
  • Describing how to use the App
  • Questionnaires for users

A SAP shall configure the support community disabling the users to create a topic, event or questionnaire.


In addition to the terms of use for mixi, certain activities mentioned below are prohibited in a support community. A SAP shall not violate the rules set forth herein and it shall operate its support community appropriately by preventing the users from violating the rules. In accordance with activities in the support community, a SAP shall take necessary actions including deleting comments.

Activities prohibited in a support community

  • To encourage friend request among users
  • To grant incentives to users
  • To obtain or lead users to input privacy information from users through a support community or partner account
  • To promote or announce any services or applications other than the mixi App covered in the support community
  • Any inappropriate activities or status deemed by the Company


Features and functionalities of community in mixi are also available for a support community. More detail information is available at help for the support community at http://mixi.jp/help.pl?mode=list&category=12


A SAP shall be solely responsible for operating a support community and the Company shall not liable therefor.
In the case that the Company, in its sole discretion, deems the rules are violated in a support community, the Company may terminate such support community and/or take necessary actions for a mixi App violating the guidelines for mixi App.
The Company shall not liable for any damage or losses arising therefrom.