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Storable Data

Storable Data

mixi App guidelines prohibit a developer to store data obtained through APIs more than 24 hours. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in developing or planning a mixi App, it would be necessary to store data specifically related to a user to provide social features in the App. Besides, some data should be related to a user and stored by a developer.
Thus, following data can be stored by a developer for more than 24 hours.

Data Description

User ID ID strings identifying a user
User Verification ID ID strings for a developer to verify fraud that a user receives invite incentives
School Token ID strings specifying a school, department and graduated year registered by a user
School Category Strings identifying a school category registered by a user

Unnecessary Data

Data including but not limited to data described above shall be cleared when the data becomes obsolete and unnecessary due to a user’s uninstalling a mixi App or mixi’s terminating an App.