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mixi Home and Profile Pages


mixi Home – Toward the page publishing feeds of Friends’ activity

With the mixi App, a mixi user’s home page reflects the following changes:
(1) A link to “Application Top” page is added in Global Navigation.
(2) A notification from the mixi App is displayed in red.
(3) Shortcut to the installed applications is included.
(4) Feeds delivered by your Friend’s activity are added
(5) Update information boxes dedicated to mixi Apps are available.
(6) Gadgets can be displayed for their favorite applications.
The feed streaming area is placed between “Diary Update Information (including comments)” and “Community Update Information.” The dedicated box is located at the bottom of the center column. A user is able to customize the locations of these fields freely.


mixi Profile (User Top Page)

With the addition of the mixi App, mixi profile page reflects the following changes:
(1) List of installed mixi App
(2) The users can freely register gadgets for their favorite mixi Apps.



When a user installs a mixi App for a mobile device, the user’s home page will reflect the following changes:.

(1) An invitation to a mixi App from a Friend* is displayed in red.
(2) Link to “Application” is added.
(3) Link to “My Application” is added.
(4) Shortcut to the installed mixi App is added.
(5) Activity feed regarding Friend’s “Application Update Information” is added.

mixi mobile home

Activity feeds are currently located between “Diary Update Information (including comments)” and “Community Update Information”.

* Due to any modification or change regarding the specification may unable currently available features in the future.