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Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding the User Flow API and Flash

When using a Flash component on the mixi app and an API that uses a pop-up window, such as the User Flow API (Invitation API), a display problem might occur.

[Let’s invite friends]

The Flash component has a property that shows on the front side of other DOM elements. It causes the pop-up window displayed by the User Flow API to drown on the backside of the Flash component if you use it on a mixi app, and part is concealed.

In order to avoid the phenomenon, you need to specify the wmode attribution regarding the embed tag for embedding the Flash component. Use “transparent” or “opaque” as the wmode attribution value.

<embed ... wmode="opaque" ... />

Because of the support above, the pop-up window for the invitation function is shown in front of the Flash component.

However, combining the Web browser and Flash version, an unfortunate phenomenon might occur.

  • The effect is not shown in spite of specifying the wmode attribution.
  • Full-sized characters cannot be typed in Flash.
  • Mouse wheel events cannot be picked up in Flash.
  • Focus for typing cannot be obtained or the focus position slips off.

In order to avoid the phenomenon, be sure to take measures to temporarily hide the Flash component when using the invitation function.