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Getting Ready for Development

For developing the mixi App, all you need is

  • Favorite text editor
  • Web server for publish
  • Web browser and debugging environment

A fancy development environment is not required to develop a simple mixi App. Even he simple tool and environment enables the developer to develop the mixi App easily.

Favorite Text Editor

In fact, creating HTML files and JavaScript files comprising the mixi App does not require any special environment. The developer can use any text editor that s/he is accustomed. At the same time, any recent text editor with useful tools for editing HTML files and JavaScript files helps the developer to create these files more efficiently.

The mixi App is developed using standard Web technologies (HTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS). In fact, the mixi App is developed by Ajax technologies. Thus, with a development environment supporting Ajax, the developer can proceed with the mixi App development effectively. If any features supporting writing JavaScript and CSS are available on the environment, they could be powerful tool for the developer.

Web Server for Publish

The mixi App have to be placed on a Web server that is accessible from the mixi Platform, rather than being uploaded to the mixi Platform. The developer has to register the URL specifying the location of the mixi App to the mixi Platform. mixi Platform displays the URL as the iframe when it is run.

If the developer operates a Web server, the server can be used. If there is no server available, however, the developer must prepare one. An inexpensive rental server or free hosting server can be a candidate. For example, Google App Engine is available and the developer should consider utilizing such servers.

Google App Engine

Web Browser and Debugging Environment

The mixi App is embedded and executed in a page on mixi. While debugging the mixi App with a certain web browser, the developer should be aware that a number of different browsers are currently used by the users.

Unfortunately, even the leading Web browsers interpret content differently in terms of design and implementation. This incompatibility issue can apply to the Web sites and Ajax applications. The developer, therefore, should confirm the operation and design of the mixi App with at least IE6, IE7, and Firefox.

Confirming the mixi App's behaviors with the Web browsers, debugging environments for JavaScript and DOM operations are very important. One popular debugging environment is Firebug provided for Firefox. The debugging environments implemented in IE7 or Chrome may also be useful for debugging the mixi App.