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Procedures for Guiding a User to External Sites

Whenever a developer promotes its user to external sites out of mixi App, sufficient explanation or description must be given to the users, as stated in the mixi Application Guideline.

The procedure described below has to be followed to guide a user from a mixi App to an external site.

  1. Call the mixi.util.requestExternalNavigateTo() to make a request to guide the user to the external site. You need to finish Preparing to use the JavaScript API because the function is provided by the JavaScript API.
  2. The user clicks the link on the display.
  3. The external site appears in a new window.

Please make sure to provide sufficient explanation or description to users when promoting them to external sites.

External sites

The requestExternalNavigateTo() requests the mixi App to link to the URL given by an argument. 

var url = "..."; // 外部サイトのURL

The user moves to the external site in a new window by clicking the external site’s URL displayed on the page.

Specify a string starting with “http:” or “https:” for the URL other than “*.mixi.jp” and “*.mixi.co.jp.” to be specified as an argument.