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Developing a first mixi app

The structure of mixi app is so simple that the developer can start developing right away. This page introduces the procedure for developing a mixi app by sharing how to develop a simple mixi app as an example. 

Creating a new mixi app, it is created as a new method mixi app. 
Adding new functions and APIs, we give the new method priority.
We are going to withdraw the support for developing an old method mixi app.

HTML file

The mixi app is not uploaded onto the mixi platform but placed on the Web server accessible from a certain location on the Internet.
When starting the mixi app, the mixi platform displays the web server URL as an iframe.

This page shows how to create a simple application displaying text.
To place the mixi app on the web server, please prepare the HTML file as in the list below. 

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <meta charset="UTF-8" />

Registering the Start URL

Next, register the Start URL on the Partner Dashboard.
On the page for editing the mixi app, you are able to register the HTML file URL placed on the Web server at “Start URL (new method)” in the list of the “editions of PC supported apps.” 


Confirming the mixi App Performance

Completing the start URL registration, the mixi app is ready to run. Please access the URL below.


※ appID is the same URL as the old method.

If the edited content is the same, the HTML placed on the Web server is displaced.