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Available API

The mixi app is able to use two types of API as below

  • mixi Graph API
    Social graph stored in mixi and APIs to use various contents are provided.
  • JavaScript API
    It is an API available from the mixi app with JavaScript. It is mainly used for the User Flow API. (API that is run after user interaction)

The details are as shown below.

mixi Graph API

A mixi app is able to create various apps with the mixi Graph API, which is able to use the social graph stored in mixi and various contents.
Please refer to the list of mixi Graph APIs to see more details of APIs provided by the mixi Graph API.

The mixi Graph API has functions and APIs provided only for a mixi app as below.

  • Persistence API
    This function stores user data (persistent data) by each mixi app on a mixi server with the Key-Value method.
    >> Information sharing
  • Request delete API
    This function deletes the request received by the request API.
    >> Request delete API
  • You can obtain userHash with the People API
    You can obtain information that distinguishes the app user called userHash.
    >> UserHash

You need to finish user permissions in order to use the mixi Graph API.
Please refer to User Permission about user permissions.

JavaScript API

This API obtains user permissions for the mixi Graph API.
The JavaScript API includes the User Flow API (API that is run after user interaction).

The list of functions provided by the JavaScript API is as shown below.

You need to finish Preparing to use the JavaScript API in order to use the JavaScript API.
Some User Flow APIs require user permission.