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Partner Registration (Corporate)

This page provides information on how to use a "partner account" for corporate developer.

  • the individual developer can use his/her account to develop mixi App by registering as the developer on "Developer Registration". Only the corporate developer owing partner account is eligible to provide a mixi App Mobile. The individual developer cannot provide mixi Apps Mobile.
  • Please click here for information on a partner test account.

Procedure for the Partner

Register for Partner Account Issuance

  • Please acknowledge the "mixi mixi Terms of Use," "Terms of Use for Partner Accounts," and "Privacy Policy" before applying the partner account.
  • Submit the registration for the partner account. After confirming the registration form by the corporate developer, mixi would issue the partner account.
  • In the case the Partner deems necessary, up to 20 partner test accounts enabling the Partner to debug and test a mixi App are available.
  • This account can be used after launching the mixi App.

This procedure can be completed with necessary documents. Please submit the following documents:

  1. Certified copy of Certificate/Articles of Incorporation
  2. Registration of Partner Account (* Please download this form)
  3. Mailing Address:
    Partner Account Operation Team
    mixi, Inc.
    Sumitomo Fudosan Shibuya First Tower 7F,
    1-2-20 Higashi, Shibuya-ku,
    Tokyo, 150-0011, Japan
  • Certificate/Articles of Incorporation copied and issued more than 3 months ago is not acceptable. Please send us the certified copy obtained within the past 3 months.Certificate/Articles of Incorporation copied and issued more than 3 months ago is not acceptable. Please send us the certified copy obtained within the past 3 months.
  • The name and signature sections of the registration form must be filled out and sealed by an authorized representative. The forms sealed by an unofficial and/or unregistered personal seal, private stamp, or company seal cannot be accepted.
  • In the case the corporate developer desires the partner account and partner test accounts at the same time, we will send an email entitled "[mixi] Notification on partner test accounts" upon the receipt of the registration form. Please fill it out completely and reply to us. In this case, the partner account and partner test accounts will not be issued until we receive the reply.
  • In the case that Certificate/Articles of Incorporation is written in a language other than English, please submit English or Japanese translation along with the document.

    [Documents Comparable to a Company Registry in Each Country]
    The United States: Articles/Certificate of Incorporation
    The United Kingdom: Articles of Association
    The People’s Republic of China: 公证书

Partner Test Account

Up to 20 test accounts are available for the Partner for developing, debugging and testing. Indicating the quantity in the registration form, we will send an email, asking the email addresses designated for the test accounts. The Partner shall fill out the necessary information and reply the email to mixi.

Issuance of Partner Accounts and Partner Test Accounts

We will send a package including the partner account and partner test accounts information via postal mail. Please follow the instruction in the document to log in with the "partner account login password" and set the profile information. In the package, the "mixi Developer Center inquiry access key for partners" is enclosed. The Partner may use the access key for technical inquires.


Please read the following Terms of Use for the usage of partner accounts.
mixi Terms of Use
Terms of Use for Partner Accounts
*By applying for an account, you confirm that you have read and shall comply with all terms and conditions set forth in our basic policy regarding personal information protection and privacy policy on handling personal information.

Inquiries on Partner Account

If you have any unclear points, please look at the following link.

FAQ -> Partner Registration