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mixi Payment Program


mixi Payment Program is one of the business support programs mixi provides for Social Application Providers ("SAP"). By participating in the mixi Payment Program, the SAP is able to charge for digital contents available in their mixi Apps in "mixi points". The SAP is able to earn revenue according to its users' consumption of mixi points. (Acceptance of new applications for mixi credit payments has ended.)

mixi Payment Program is only for SAP corporations providing mixi Apps who have registered as a「Certified Partner」.

Available Payment Methods

mixi Point Payment is available for use.

  • mixi Point Payment overview

    ※Acceptance of new applications for mixi credit payment has ended.

    • The virtual currency mixi provides
    • Users purchase the virtual currency "mixi points", and purchase items in mixi Apps with mixi Points.
    • Available for PC, Smartphone, and mobile.

mixi Payment Program Features (mixi Points)

Target apps

All Apps that are operating stably on PC, Smartphone, and Mobile version.

※If you want to start charging at the same time you publish, please apply to this program before publishing the app. You will receive guidance at that time to implement the published application category.

Purchasing mixi Points

Users purchase the mixi Points before they spend their mixi Points.
Users are able to share mixi points for PC, Mobile, and Smartphone. Please refer to the following for details.

Devices supports status for mixi Points

Device Obtain methods Get View Use
PC ・Credit Card (※1)
・au Easy Payment (Service available in Japan)
・Softbank payment together (Service available in Japan)
・mixi Point Plus
Smartphone ・docomo sp mode payment
・au easy payment
・Softbank together payment
・Credit card
・mixi Point Plus
Mobile ・mobile phone carrier payment
・WebMoney (available on NTT, docomo, and au devices.)
・BitCash (NTT docomo only)
・mixi Point Plus

Mobile carriers support status for mixi Point Payment is as follows.

Carrier Get View Use
NTT docomo
WILLCOM・EMOBILE × △(※2) △(※2)

※1 "mixi credit payment" is different from the above methods. It allows purchase of the item in Apps directly with a credit card, not using mixi Points. (Acceptance of new applications for mixi credit payment has ended.)
※2 If a user has purchased mixi Points using a carrier device not from WILLCOM・EMOBILE, the user will be able to view and use those mixi Points on a WILLCOM・EMOBILE device.

Spending mixi Points

The minimum and maximum number of mixi Points users can consume are as follows (common between all devices)

  • Maximum : 5,000 Points (mobile, smartphone), 10,000 Points (PC)
  • Minimum : 10 Points

Payment and fee

Please refer the Japanese page for Payment and fee.

Technical Specification

Please refer following for the technical specification of each device.


Please click here(only available in Japanese) to apply for mixi Payment Program.


Please confirm the rules "Rules on Naming and Expressions of Virtual Currencies (only available in Japanese)"about how to display the mixi Points, when using mixi Payment Program.

For more information about mixi payment programs, please refer to the following documents.


  • To stop charging individually, please delete the link for the payment function.
  • To end this program, please contact mpp_info@mixi.co.jp.